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Success: New and Historical Data Provides High Probability Targets at GWR's Lac La Hache Porphyry Gold-Copper Property

March 4, 2010



GWR is committed to discovery.

In the past few months, our experienced technical team has re-evaluated over 20 years’ accumulation of historical and recent drill cores, assays, and geochemical and geophysical data. We have identified characteristics that have predictive validity in our search for economic mineralization, leading to new exploration models. The data predict additional gold, copper and silver will be found laterally and at depth below known zones. We will use these predictive models in our expanded 2010 Exploration Program, to drill test high probability targets laterally and, for the first time, at depth. We will collect additional MMI soil data, conduct trenching/sampling, and will be participating in collaborative research designed to improve exploration strategy.


As reported previously (, the Lac La Hache exploration team has been very active during the current non-drilling winter season, relogging all drill cores. Significant new insights have been gained from recent recognition of key geological features such as hydrothermal breccia and alteration styles. Results have exceeded our expectations, locating previously unrecognized breccias, faults, and alteration within several mineralized, historically drilled zones. In one case, we have discovered hydrothermal breccia with chalcopyrite at the bottom of a drill hole that was not sampled for assay. Our XRF analysis of this core shows it is enriched in cobalt, which we have shown serves as a good predictor of elevated gold concentrations. This core has been sampled and we await results.

A thorough compilation of all drill core assays has now been completed. For the first time, this provides a coherent database that allows the Company to develop elemental relationships between the mineralization, host rocks, alteration, related structures, and to use those relationships to guide future exploration.

Early results of this work have also proven successful, identifying and mapping elements located within the core of the gold-rich Aurizon Zone Central (AZC) gold-copper zone versus other elements concentrated in the peripheral “shell” surrounding the zone. For example, work conducted on-site by SRK Consultants in February 2010 shows sodium/magnesium and aluminum/magnesium ratios are associated with the core of the zone, defining the same north-northeast trending, -65 plunge, as the gold values. Increased concentrations of lead and magnesium lie peripheral to the core, perhaps reflecting the enclosing shell of propylitic alteration.

These relationships (and several others we have discovered) characterize the chemical signature of the zones, effectively extending our ability to define targets for drilling, beyond patterns defined using gold or copper trends alone. The SRK 3D model of the AZC gold, copper and other elements and SRK’s related structural interpretation supports our previous modelling of the zone, providing independent confirmation of strong potential to extend the zone down plunge. Perhaps more exciting, however, is that the data suggests deeper mineralization under a second possible “core” lying immediately north of the currently drill-defined zone, under a native copper (supergene) cap. These areas will be drill tested early in the planned 2010 Program.

The success of our 2009 MMI soil sampling program has been demonstrated, locating new ore-grade copper and gold showings in several surface locations, as previously reported. The Company will follow-up these results with trenching and drilling in 2010 and will conduct MMI sampling over the remainder of the property. Our goal is to use the power of improved geochemical analyses to re-evaluate the soil metal anomalies (not just Cu and Au values) in combination with new bedrock sampling (in new anomalous areas). Using this in conjunction with the revised exploration model evolving from consistent core relogging of all holes drilled on the property to date, makes us more confident that we can prove bulk-mineable potential. The presence of gold-rich zones within the system adds to our confidence level.

The 2010 Drilling Program will focus on new targets indicated by the new data, testing several areas where mineralization near surface discovered from relatively shallow historical drilling supports potential for deeper ores below. The recent and exciting new deep discoveries made within the Quesnel Trough at several properties below known mineralization (Red Chris, Kemess North, Mount Polley, Afton, Copper Mountain, others) provides a model for the Lac La Hache property, which has the advantage of easy access and very good infrastructure.

We invite interested parties to visit us at the annual Kamloops Exploration Group convention April 6-8, 2010, where we will present a talk summarizing the latest features of the Lac La Hache Project. Visit our Booth, Core Displays, and obtain our new, informative Brochure. (New brochure now available under the Presentations tab of the Company’s website at )

Layperson Summary:

GWR’s geology team has re-evaluated over 2 decades of drill cores. We have synthesized historical geochemical and geophysical data with new information we collected over the past year, to predict where we will find worthwhile deposits of gold, copper and silver. We are happy to report that features recently proven to be important have been discovered in much of the earlier drill cores. We have been able to use our data to make predictions that have already been borne out by subsequent testing. This success provides confidence that we can extend existing zones, and detect new ones. We will therefore be testing some new areas on the large Lac La Hache property, but will also be drilling deeper in selected areas to uncover more and possibly better mineralization. Recent discoveries of deep gold and copper within the Quesnel Trough, where Lac La Hache is located, makes us more confident that will find something similar on GWR’s property.


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About GWR Resources Inc.

GWR RESOURCES INC. is an active mineral exploration company, currently exploring multiple zones containing commercial grades of copper and gold within its large Lac La Hache copper-gold porphyry project. GWR’s project is in the prolific Quesnel Trough area of British Columbia, between producing mines at Imperial Metals’ Mt. Polley Copper-Gold Mine and New Gold Inc.’s New Afton Copper-Gold project (Teck-Cominco’s legendary Afton mine). The Lac La Hache project is well-served by rail, road and power infrastructure.

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