Dennis Allsopp

Dennis Allsopp of Yorba Linda, California is a 35 veteran of the logistics and transportation industry. Appointed in 1997 as Managing Partner and COO of United Van Lines O’Neil Relocation Services, Mr. Allsopp grew the business dramatically, facilitated mergers and acquisitions, managed budgets, strategic planning, and worked to negotiate the sale of the company in 2002.He then assumed the position as President of United Mayflower Van Lines, S&M Moving. In 2009, Allsopp founded a military relocation company, in order to honor his father’s service to the United States Navy. Registered under U.S.N. Rail 139, the company provides logistics support to families within the United States military. Mr. Allsopp’s charitable endeavors include founding The California Private Investment Trust, through which he provides financial support to worthy charities on a local and global level.